The multi-talented hinge system

As a hinge system for heavy-duty and residential doors, VARIANT is a true all-rounder that offers optimal solutions for all kinds of architectural situations. Thanks to high-quality technology embedded in visually appealing designs, VARIANT can withstand heavy loads while supporting different knuckle diameters and lengths and offering a wide range of finishes. The knuckle hinge also offers a series of special solutions for particular requirements.


VARIANT - Models

The universal hinge system for heavy-duty doors

  • for rebated and unrebated heavy-duty doors
  • for timber, steel and aluminium frames
  • for 3D-adjustable VARIANT VX receivers
  • internal torsion-proof pin
  • concealed, maintenance-free axial-radial slide bearing
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The tried-and-tested hinge system for heavy-duty doors

  • for heavy rebated, flush-rebated and unrebated heavy-duty door
  • for blind, block, casing and steel frames
  • load capacities up to 200 kg
  • featuring adjustable receiver in the door leaf
  • optional continuous acoustic seal
  • internal torsion-proof pin
  • concealed, maintenance-free axial-radial slide bearing
  • for VARIANT VN receivers for timber frames
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The hinge system for glass doors

  • for blind, casing and block frames
  • for VARIANT V receiver elements and VARIANT VX 3D adjustable receiver elements
  • for load capacities up to 80 kg
  • for glass doors with vertical standard hole patterns
  • for glass thicknesses of 8 mm and 10 mm
  • internal torsion-proof pin
  • concealed, maintenance-free axial-radial slide bearing
  • for use in rebated and unrebated timber, steel and aluminium frames
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The variable hinge system for residential doors

  • different combinations of door leaf and frame part possible
  • for rebated, flush-rebated and unrebated doors
  • 2- and 3-part hinges for timber, steel and aluminium frames
  • for load capacities up to 80 kg
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The knuckle hinge for heavily frequented doorways, prestigious entrances and oversized exits.


The hinge system for sustainable design in renovation projects and high-quality door renovations.


The hinge system for rebated and unrebated glass doors with outstanding performance features.


The variable hinge system with 2- and 3-part hinge variants for residential doors.


A range of finishes

To achieve exceptional design, impeccable quality and visually expressive materials are needed. With a broad spectrum of different finish variants, VARIANT allows for maximum design freedom. In combination with currently popular, RAL and special colours, the hinge system features a wide range of premium finishes – from tone-to-tone blends to high-contrast options, from matt to very glossy, from standard to exceptional.

Areas of application

Versatile in application

With its subtle knuckle hinge technology, the VARIANT hinge system looks impressive on both residential and heavy-duty doors. Being finely crafted components, knuckle hinges seamlessly integrate into any architectural style. Thanks to their maintenance-free slide bearings, they excel when used on heavy-duty doors, meeting requirements in terms of load capacity and the frequency with which they are used.

Special Solutions

Special Solutions

VARIANT Heavy-duty

For more demanding structural requirements, the VARIANT VX heavy-duty range offers knuckle hinges for loads of up to 400 kg on timber, steel and aluminium frames. With a welded hinge knuckle, the hinge system is suitable for rebated and unrebated, heavy-duty commercial doors and, optionally, for fire, smoke and sound-proof doors.

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With the special VARIANT Care hinge system, planned frame dimensions are turned into real clearance dimensions, as the door can be completely opened at a 90° angle from the frame passage. Suitable for use on timber, steel, and aluminium frames, the hinge system streamlines logistics within healthcare buildings. For this purpose, the knuckle hinges are designed for alternative door leaf thicknesses from 40 to 70 mm.

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Special Solutions

Additional product solutions

With load capacities from 120 kg to 200 kg for slim frame constructions.

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Featuring an elegant knuckle for slim frame facings and shadow gap constructions.

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For renovations in existing buildings.

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Knuckle hinges for doors with a finger protection function and load capacities up to 120 kg.

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Hinge system specially designed for timber and aluminium entrance doors with load capacity up to 160 kg.

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Humboldt Forum, Berlin


Cultural connections

The location of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin is steeped in history. Recently put together by Italian architect Franco Stella, the crucial aspect was the fusion of old and new elements. The museum’s access areas and entrances experienced particularly heavy loads, which SIMONSWERK is able to effectively support using hinges from the VARIANT VX series, among other solutions.

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