The screw-on hinge system for glass doors

The COLLIO screw-on hinge was designed for doors with frames and dividing walls and is the solution for double-action and rebated doors with dampers. Its well thought-out functionality and simple appearance make the hinge a reliable and elegant detail in interior rooms.


Quality without parallel

High-quality glass doors deserve to be fitted with equivalent hinges designed for a long life. The COLLIO hinge is the perfect and sustainable complement to glass doors in elegant surroundings.


COLLIO - Models

The COLLIO Final latch hinge is designed for use on double-action and rebated doors. Closing starts at 40° – with central or offset all-glass assembly or central glass-glass assembly. The shape of the fastening leaf ensures a reliable seal in the hinge area. To open, just pull.

  • glass thickness 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm 
  • load capacity up to 50 kg 
  • max. door width up to 900 mm 
Product overview

The aluminium COLLIO Free hinge is available as a type for narrow profiles and a rounded type for profiles from 30 mm to 42 mm. The latter was designed for glass doors in offices, shops and apartments; thanks to its linear and square shapes, the version for narrow profiles is suitable for various types of interior doors.

  • glass thickness 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm 
  • load capacity up to 80 kg 
  • max. door width 900 mm 
Product overview
COLLIO Final latch - with end stop
COLLIO Free - for elegant profiles

A clear statement

COLLIO hinges in the elegant stainless steel and matt black finishes are harmonious complements to glass doors in the most varied environments. Matt black in particular can develop its impressive effect in puritanical rooms or become restrained to the benefit of the impact of other colours.

Areas of application

For lightweight doors in the residential sector

COLLIO hinges have been developed for lightweight residential doors that need a self-closing function. They are particularly suitable for use in bathrooms, for example on shower dividers, or changing rooms, for example in shopping centres. They can also be combined with magnetic locks.


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