The SIMONSWERK brand stands for innovation, product diversity, quality and service

Long service life and precise functionality are required to fulfil the diverse demands for technology, safety and design. The following pages provide you with all information you need on the high standards we set ourselves as every product that leaves the SIMONSWERK production line in Rheda-Wiedenbrück does so with appropriate testing verification and certification and can be used in international building projects in accordance with the relevant rules without hesitation.

Product certifications

To guarantee the harmonisation of performance indicators for construction products within the EU, the Construction Products' Regulation (BauPVo) came into force on 1 July 2013. According to this regulation, every construction product which receives a CE mark must have a declaration of performance drawn up. In future, this will lead to a strengthening of the CE certification. It will represent the only certificate of conformity for all the essential characteristics of construction products.

Declaration of performance pursuant to regulation (EU) 305/2011

According to the Construction Products' Regulation, every construction product which receives a CE mark must have a declaration of performance drawn up. This declaration must include product-specific information on seven "basic requirements for construction works". The requirements include mechanical resistance and stability, fire protection, hygiene, health, safety and environmental protection, safety in use, noise protection, energy saving and insulation, as well as the use of natural resources.

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Product certification according to DIN EN 1935 (CE certification)

The CE certification is the basis for free movement of goods within the European Union. Door and window hinges are therefore tested in accordance with DIN EN 1935.

A test in accordance with DIN EN 1935 is in principle only completed with a single supporting hinge. In accordance with the standard, all hinges from SIMONSWERK are tested to the maximum number of opening cycles, i.e. 200,000. In addition to this, many hinges are tested to a significantly higher load than the maximum stated in the code. Consistent product quality is guaranteed by our own internal production control and annual audits by ift Rosenheim.

In the future, all CE-certified products will have a classification key. This eight-digit code contains all the relevant information on quality, load capacity and area of use for the hinge. The CE mark provides SIMONSWERK with an extra seal of approval which is valid across Europe and which once again reinforces the high quality of SIMONSWERK  products.



Product certification according to Certifire

Certifire is an independent third-party certification scheme that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of products and systems. The Certifire brand is recognized by regulatory authorities worldwide as an international mark of fire safety across a diverse range of products including hardware. Certifire offers the opportunity to differentiate products and processes from non-certified equivalents, thus helping to access markets worldwide with peace of mind. The scheme can be used by architects, specifiers, contractors and building owners, as Certifire provides assurance that fire protection products and systems correctly installed will perform as required. Therefore, avoiding costly mistakes and dramatically reducing risk.

The fundamental benefit of Certifire is seated in giving the regulator, specifier, customer and end-user confidence with regards to the stated performance of the product and provides an informed choice when purchasing or selecting the product. Choosing a product that carries the mark of a reputable third-party certification body gives assurance as to the performance of the products. Using certified products, correctly installed, provides a powerful demonstration that due diligence's have been served.

The online Certifire register lists all our certified products and systems. It includes the complete field of application for products thus enabling the specifier or enforcement authority to check the suitability of a product for the intended end-use application.

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Company certifications

Company certificates lay down the quality management system requirements and describe how a company prepares its products with respect to customers and clients and how it responds to customer orientation, management responsibility, involvement of people, etc. These certifications are regularly checked through an audit process.

Quality management - certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

The ISO 9000 ff. series of standards were created to provide documentation of the basic principles of quality management measures. Together, they form a coherent set of standards for quality management systems which are easily understood on national and international levels. For years, SIMONSWERK has based its quality management on the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard and has committed itself to the best possible performance with respect to customer orientation, management responsibility and engagement of all the people involved. Management approaches based on processes and systems, continuous improvement and a decision-making approach which always tackles relevant issues guide and inform the practice and attitude of a large, engaged community: the entire SIMONSWERK workforce.

Made in Germany - certified proof

SIMONSWERK has made a conscious decision to make Germany its home. Significant depth in the value-added chain and an understanding of production processes together with proof that certified products meet the relevant valid minimum legal requirements for product safety and quality, all ensure our products are granted the certified proof of origin “Made in Germany” by TÜV Nord.

Environmental certification

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in accordance with DIN ISO 14025

EPDs form the basis of ecological evaluation of buildings. They were given an international, uniform definition based on ISO standards and are a compulsory component of the European standardisation project ‘Sustainability of buildings’. An EPD for each individual product allows a building to be evaluated from a holistic, ecological perspective. Life cycle assessments provide data for the whole product life cycle from manufacture, through its useful life, to the point of recycling. SIMONSWERK door hinges are installed in building system components together with doors or windows. We have therefore produced a comprehensive set of documents with the required data for our TECTUS, VARIANT, BAKA, SIKU and ALPRO product ranges as part of our certified quality and environmental management system.


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