The hinge system for aluminium and steel doors.

The distinguishing elements of the ALPRO hinge system are individual hinge solutions based on proven heavy-duty hinge technology for aluminium, steel and stainless steel cavity chamber systems.

In addition to a modern and slim knuckle design, these hinges are particularly characterised by a high level of functionality, convenient adjustment and stable installation. Technical data such as load capacity and knuckle diameter are dependent on the respective profile geometry and material. This information is calculated on a case-by-case basis upon request.

ALPRO – the hinge system for aluminium and steel doors

SIMONSWERK developed the system-specific ALPRO hinge in close collaboration with profile suppliers. Due to the wide range of profile combinations that need to be taken into account in an extremely precise manner for the purposes of planning, the use of a variety of hinge variants is essential.

Use with cavity chamber systems

Based on proven heavy-duty hinge technology, SIMONSWERK offers the ALPRO hinge for aluminium, steel, stainless steel and PVC cavity chamber systems. In addition to a slim, linear appearance, these hinges are distinguished by convenient 2D and 3D adjustability. To meet maximum safety requirements, steel and stainless steel hinge solutions are supplied specifically for installation for fire doors and smoke resistant doors.

Stability under maximum loads

Heavy doors as well as very high and very wide doors place high demands on the stability of modern door hinges. Characteristic of SIMONSWERK, the three-part hinge design with high-quality, maintenance-free slide bearings enables optimal force absorption – even under the highest loads. Designs tailored to the respective profile ensure an excellent connection between the hinge, holding fixture and frame. Technical data such as load capacity and knuckle diameter are dependent on the respective profile geometry and material and are individually calculated for each individual case.

Various surfaces and materials

High-quality materials and aluminium alloys provide the basis for long-lasting, smooth functioning along with a perfect appearance. Stainless steel and various aluminium surfaces such as anodised colours and powder coatings ensure an exceptional appearance.

TECTUS – concealed hinge technology for aluminium doors

For particularly demanding design solutions for aluminium doors, SIMONSWERK also offers a concealed hinge system – TECTUS.

We can develop individual solutions for specific requirements. If necessary, please contact the application technology department, which can be reached via email at



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