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We combine technical expertise with design standards at the highest level worldwide. Under our SIMONSWERK sales brand, we have been pooling our entire expertise in the field of hinge systems for over 135 years.

SIMONSWERK offers product solutions for all areas of application and materials - from timber and glass to PVCu and aluminium. In addition, we provide our customers with the best service exactly where it is needed. From personal consultations and expert training to customised delivery and logistics processes or digital service tools.


SIMONSWERK product brands

TECTUS is at the pinnacle of design and technology and follows the architectural design principle of minimalism to a tee. Thanks to its flush and linear design, the completely concealed hinge system seamlessly integrates with almost any material, making for a uniform appearance within the architecture.

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The innovative, currentless KEEP CLOSED magnetic latching system enables doors to be opened and closed silently and with maximum convenience. Consisting of a closing magnet, magnetic plate and matching handle variant, the system impresses with perfectly coordinated components and its minimalist design. 

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The extensive range of ANSELMI hinges offers premium products for lightweight residential doors. The concealed hinge system is suitable for both interior residential doors and interior doors weighing up to 60 kg and is available in several model variants. The hinge system can be adjusted in three dimensions and guarantees long-lasting, maintenance-free operation of the door and is available in a wide range of aesthetic designs.

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As a hinge system for heavy-duty and residential doors, VARIANT is a true all-rounder that offers optimal solutions for all kinds of architectural situations. Thanks to high-quality technology embedded in visually appealing designs, VARIANT can withstand heavy loads while supporting different knuckle diameters and lengths and offering a wide range of finishes. The knuckle hinge also offers a series of special solutions for particular requirements.

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Timber is a renewable raw material that is being used more and more frequently and in different ways in architecture. Timber is particularly suitable for entrance doors, as it perfectly combines meeting the demanding requirements for functionality, security and sturdiness with a sophisticated design. Using the tried-and-tested BAKA hinge system for timber entrance doors, SIMONSWERK provides a wide range of solutions in order to integrate high-quality timber front doors and entrance doors in private properties as well as public buildings.

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SIMONSWERK has developed SIKU as a hinge system to specifically meet the requirements of PVCu entrance doors. The brand offers screw-on hinges with rounded edges and coordinated knuckle diameters as well as hinge systems with a knuckle design made of stainless steel. The perfect combination of security, insulation and aesthetics.

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The ALPRO hinge system for aluminium doors is a complete system that includes impressive features, from subtle knuckle hinges to concealed hinges. Using tried-and-tested heavy-duty hinge technology, SIMONSWERK has developed this unique system in close cooperation with the system suppliers of aluminium profiles. As a result, it’s suitable for a broad spectrum of different aluminium hollow chamber systems. The system is an optimal solution for permanently supporting even heavy doors and doors with high and wide dimensions and fire and smoke protection doors in their positions.

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The original for double-action and single-action doors: The BILOBA screw-on hinge has an automatic self-closing function thanks to the integrated hydraulic damping. Patent-protected worldwide and tested in over a million opening cycles, the hinge’s adjustable closing speed can be perfectly adapted to the user’s needs.

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The beautifully designed EVO knuckle hinge is the hinge for doors that open in one direction. Thanks to the hydraulics housed in the knuckle, the highlight of the self-closing hinge is its reduced design which maximises the effect of the door leaf. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces protected against driving rain.

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VERTO, the hydraulic hinge system for pivot doors ensures doors are closed in an automatic, constant and controlled way with adjustable speed. The hinges are purist in design and are suitable for quick and easy installation in any environment.

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The COLLIO screw-on hinge was designed for doors with frames and partition walls and is the solution for lightweight swing and single-action doors with dampers. Its sophisticated functionality and simple appearance make the door hinge a reliable and attractive detail in interiors. 

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The completely concealed hinge system


The magnetic latching system.


The concealed hinge system for residential doors


The hinge system for heavy-duty and residential doors


The hinge system for timber entrance doors


The hinge system for PVCu entrance doors


The hinge system for aluminium doors


The self-closing screw-on hinge system for glass doors


The self-closing knuckle hinge system for doors


The self-closing pivot hinge system for doors


The screw-on hinge system for glass doors


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The ALPRO hinge system for aluminium and steel doors was developed in close cooperation with system suppliers of aluminium profiles. With a visually appealing design, the understated knuckle hinges can now also be used on entrance doors as well as residential and heavy-duty doors.

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The north-eastern region of Mallorca is characterised by a laid-back lifestyle that’s in touch with nature and steeped in tradition. It’s here that the 5-star Carrossa Hotel was built on a hacienda-like estate with a spacious, open-plan concept.

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Our passion for outstanding architecture is demonstrated in many ways.

Each one of our hinges and hinge systems will eventually finds itself between the door and frame of a building. We’ve listed some past projects for you to be able to see the diversity of our products and their different areas of application.


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Besides texts for invitation to tenders, detailed product specifications and configurable CAD data, you will also find exciting additional information about hinge systems and all relevant trade fair dates. Inspiring past projects complete SIMONSWERK’s bespoke service with expert contact partners and tailored consultations.

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