The perfect finish – from standard to outstanding.

Colours and finishes have a huge effect on us and how we perceive ourselves. Comfortable living spaces can be created by combining colour palettes with different materials and finishes. And even the tiniest details such as hinge systems can make an enormous difference. However, colour has more than just an artistic purpose – it can also be practical and functional. Both concealed hinge systems and knuckle hinges, whether contrasting in colour or integrated harmoniously, blend into their surroundings by matching the specific architectural context and contribute to the overall stylistic effect.

For over 20 years, recognised colour experts have determined the most influential colour every year on the basis of comprehensive trend research. This year, the Pantone Colour Institute opted for the velvety soft peach shade "Peach Fuzz (13-1023)", which not only radiates calm and security, but also exudes positive lightness. In our online magazine, we show how the choice of colour influences interior and exterior architectural designs.

SIMONSWERK also deals intensively with the topics of colour and surfaces, as these enable holism and diversity. We therefore offer a wide range of surfaces that can be individually adapted to your colour requirements.

Our passion
for finishes

Materiality, finish and feel inspire the quality and character of our products. Our daily objective is to ensure we produce the ultimate quality finish. SIMONSWERK offers plated, painted and powder-coated finishes. Solid bronze or durable stainless steel hinges also create subtle accents and make for a winning impression. Let us find the specific solution for you. Every SIMONSWERK hinge is available in a custom colour – green, blue or grey. Just choose a hinge and colour for your interior design concept and we will supply it!

Finishes give materials their unique character. They’re fascinating in their own way and this can be seen in SIMONSWERK hinges.

Tone on tone or
deliberately contrasted

Top-quality interiors need a well thought-through design. Whether built around a harmonious tone-on-tone effect or with high levels of contrast, even entrances and hallways should be visually coordinated. SIMONSWERK therefore offers its hinge systems in a wide range of finishes for maximum design freedom.

Metallic finishes, particularly polished-nickelled, polished-brassed and rosé-gold, have a timeless elegance, while hinges in dark bronze can give any door system exceptional charm. And matt black or deep anthracite grey always provide a classic accent.

Black satin never
fails to impress!

Black-matt suits any trend, time and style. This colour is an all-rounder in terms of design. It can round off classic, elegant structures and embodies original individuality.

Moreover, SIMONSWERK black-matt hinges enjoy unbridled enthusiasm across all brand products. With a high degree of design flexibility, they impress with any combination of materials; natural oak, rough concrete and elegant stainless steel help black-matt hinges to give the finishing touch to any room concept in order to produce a uniquely coordinated composition.

Surprisingly versatile



Finish variants

Three colours, to
turn heads

Whether cool or warm, striking or subtle – hinges in grey tones are extremely versatile and easy to integrate. The trend colours for 2022 are in but rosé-gold is also enjoying increasing popularity. It lends any space an air of exclusivity while sitting discretely in the background. And our black hinge systems never go out of style, as they provide high-impact contrast and timeless elegance.