The self-closing knuckle hinge system for doors

The beautifully designed EVO knuckle hinge is the hinge for doors that open in one direction. Thanks to the hydraulics housed in the knuckle, the highlight of the self-closing hinge is its reduced design which maximises the effect of the door leaf. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces protected against driving rain. 

About EVO

Sophisticated visual design for a range of applications

In upmarket residential buildings, offices and administrative buildings and many other areas, the EVO knuckle hinge system offers reliability and aesthetic quality down to the smallest details. EVO separates specific areas from one another effectively and allows glass doors to close securely and in a controlled manner. 


EVO - Models

EVO for rebated glass hinges is a hinge with adjustable closing and constant brake control which is suitable for all door opening angles up to 180° and is also available as a version with automatic closing from 160° to 0°. It’s equipped with a shock absorber that has integrated overlap relief and prevents breakage caused by accidental tugging.  

  • glass thickness 8 mm to 21.52 mm 
  • load capacity up 120 kg 
Product overview
EVO for rebated glass hinges

Versatility is priority

The aluminium EVO hinge is versatile in how it’s used as well as in its finishes. Whether anodised or coated, matted or polished, the hydraulic knuckle hinge produces a unique effect in black, grey, chrome, or bronze as well as many other colours. 

Areas of application

The first choice for residential buildings and offices

EVO is mainly installed in office and administrative buildings. But this hinge is also excellently suited to separating specific areas in medical practices or upmarket residential buildings, such as large apartments with a lot of square footage. EVO is even used in saunas and many other areas. 

The hydraulic concept

Hinges with door-closing function

EVO has integrated hydraulic damping which ensures the closing process is gentle and controlled and prevents the door repeatedly oscillating around the zero position. The doors can optionally be equipped with door push handles or a latch lock and strike box. The latch of the lock is retracted quietly and reliably into the striker plate, preventing damage to glass, hinges and locks as well as noise. Thanks to an infinitely variable regulator on the hinge, it’s possible to adapt the closing speed to any door weight or width and to the user walking speed on a case-by-case basis. 

The hydraulic concept

Patent-protected worldwide

The hydraulic hinges are patent-protected worldwide. They are TÜV-certified in accordance with EN 1154:2006 and are therefore functionally equivalent to conventional door closers. The effectiveness of the hinges is greater than traditional door closers (90% compared to 60%). The doors can be opened manually with little force and close automatically at the set speed. So it makes sense to install hydraulic hinges wherever the controlled self-closing of doors is required by law or for technical reasons. 

Plus points relevant to building owners:  

  • prevents draught 
  • energy-saving in heated or air-conditioned rooms 
  • increased soundproofing 
  • visual and physical separation of rooms 


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