The self-closing pivot hinge system for doors

VERTO, the self-closing hinge system for pivot glass doors, ensures doors are closed in an automatic, constant and controlled way with adjustable speed. The hinges are purist in design and are suitable for quick and easy installation in any environment.


For elegant room concepts with plenty of natural light

VERTO combines technical efficiency and innovation in an exclusive hinge system used in many high-quality projects, such as sophisticated interior concepts and sheltered outdoor areas, where VERTO creates maximum transparency between the interior and exterior. The minimalist pivot hinge ensures elegance and quiet, controlled door movement even when used on oversized, heavy glass doors.


VERTO - Models

For heavy glass swing doors with an integrated self-closing function, an elegant, minimalist design and load capacity of up to 150 kg. Shock absorbers and an exceptionally robust braking function allow the door to be opened and closed smoothly and quietly, with precise control.

  • speed regulation system 
  • load capacity up to 150 kg, max. door width 1200 mm 
  • glass thicknesses from 8 mm to 19.5 mm 
  • minimalist design  
  • model variants for inside and outside doors 
Product overview
VERTO for double-action glass hinges

With an integrated self-closing function and load capacities up to 150 kg


Freely selectable colours

The VERTO pivot hinge offers a wide selection of finishes, allowing the room to give off the desired impression. Polished bright bronze is the preferred choice of colour for emphasising particular elements, whereas matt stainless steel or finely polished finishes are suitable for a more understated appearance.

Areas of application

Versatile indoors and out

Elegance, flexibility and design freedom are the characterising elements of VERTO’s untainted appearance, which make the hinges perfect for installing in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. These hinges enhance the premium quality of the architectural concept with authentic glass door leaf material. The different variants are used on doors in residential buildings and on heavy-duty doors, always ensuring the door closes in a controlled manner. The portfolio also comprises completely concealed hinges for flush room structures, such as in shopping centres, offices and commercial buildings

About Pivot Doors

Almost weightless

Using pivot doors, the hinges are fitted almost invisibly at the top and bottom instead of on the sides, which facilitates smooth, controlled door movement into the room and back again. Depending on the installation situation, flush installation can be achieved without a frame. Another benefit of pivot doors is the ability to achieve the desired dimensions, for both inside and outside doors.


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