Application accessories – drilling jigs and accessories

SIMONSWERK offers a wide range of options for efficiently processing modern hinge technology, from the simple manual drilling jig for simultaneous fitting to the economical serial drilling jig.

For a hinge to function properly, it must be installed professionally using the appropriate tools, drilling jigs, routing templates and accessories. It’s possible to achieve a precise and efficient rebate thanks to SIMONSWERK’s dimensionally accurate gauge technology. In all product documentation, reference is made to the applicable installation aid for the respective hinge under application accessories.

Our service comprises two aspects: firstly, carefully processing orders and, secondly, providing comprehensive information and advice with the aim of developing optimal solutions collaboratively with our customers. This is where the local technical field service with its expert knowledge is particularly desirable. Application technology demonstrations and sample rebates at the fabricator’s premises and presentations at the point of sale are routine tasks for our technical consultants in the field.

SIMONSWERK can, of course, also provide an installation aid for any hinge in any production process. Should you need our support, our technical consultants will be happy to advise and assist you. Additionally, you can find hole and milling patterns in DXF format in our PRODUCTSELECTOR.



The extensive range of accessories includes the universal milling frame, which is a universal installation aid for numerous hardware parts, the M 10 rivet frame for retrofitting the M 10 blind rivet nut to existing steel frames and the wind-in clip for easily and efficiently screwing hinges in.

For special rebate variations, we create custom proposals for specialised drilling jigs. If you need any assistance, please get in touch with our application technology department, who can also be reached at