Aluminium doors

A real all-rounder

As a light metal, aluminium is an extremely versatile and recyclable material. The combination of tensile strength, stability and conductivity, as well as corrosion, UV and weather resistance makes it the raw material of choice for many architects. Aluminium does not rust or warp, even without any expensive surface treatment. It is therefore mainly suitable for doors with high-quality fittings. 

Aluminium doors

Hinge systems for heavy-duty and entrance doors

Areas of application

Perfect frame: Function & design

Aluminium can absorb strong forces without tearing or breaking. So, as a material, it provides a high degree of security. Due to the low unladen weight, even fire and smoke protection doors with glass inserts can be implemented with aluminium, expanding the number of possible areas of application. Therefore, connections with different system profiles can be made with the ALPRO hinge system while emphasising certain features for a harmonious appearance. An ideal combination of functionality and aesthetics, especially for heavy-duty and entrance doors. 


Model variants for aluminium heavy-duty and entrance doors

The ALPRO ALR knuckle hinge is made of aluminium and comes combined with high-quality finishes. This creates optimal connections while maintaining a harmonious appearance. 

  • slim hinge knuckle Ø 20 mm 
  • load capacity up to 160 kg 
  • for inwards and outwards opening aluminium doors 
  • comfortable one-handed 3D adjustment 
  • leaf-concealing fillings 
  • optional continuous seal for opening profile system
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In a particularly reduced form, the hinges make sure even heavy door leaves are in their correct position. This makes the hinge system retreat completely into the background when closed, emphasising certain aesthetic elements on the opened, flush-rebated door. 

  • completely concealed 
  • load capacity up to 160 kg 
  • comfortable 3D adjustment 
  • leaf-concealing fillings without additional processing possible 
  • for flush-rebated doors, inwards and outwards opening 
  • door leaf easy to hinge and unhinge 
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The knuckle hinge system is perfectly adapted to aluminium doors – including as an insert knuckle hinge and steel version


Concealed hinges for single-axis, multi-axis and inwards opening aluminium entrance doors

Thanks to the variety of combinations with different system profiles and hollow chamber systems made of aluminium door and steel, ALPRO needs to be configured and produced on an individual basis. So the best possible results are achieved through personal consultations. Our expert contact partners will be happy to help you with this further.

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