Flush glass doors in the limelight


With the hinge system TECTUS Glass, SIMONSWERK has developed an aesthetic and functional solution for the holistic, flush-fitting installation of glass doors. Glass door leaf, frame, hinge and latching system lie in one plane – the best prerequisite for minimalist design in combination with maximum transparency.

Minimalist, Elegant, Transparent

An interior room concept with generous glazing and a need for transparency often goes hand in hand with the desire for a clear, unobtrusive design. The hardware system TECTUS Glass gives the glass door unprecedented light and transparency. The flush surface of the glass door leaf, frame as well as hinge and latching system creates a fascinating filigree with aesthetic technical hardware details – hardware systems that have been in the foreground until now disappear and a clear view with maximum transparency opens up. The hinge system TECTUS Glass, the contactless magnetic closure and matched handle variants result in a holistic hardware solution. Reducing the visible elements and increasing the ease of use supports contemporary interior design concepts now also for heavy-duty doors up to 100 kg.


Holistic hardware components for flush glass doors

The flush surface of the glass door leaf, frame, hinge and latching system create the perfect aesthetic design. The entire door displays a clear and consistent design. The TECTUS Glass full door hardware system – consisting of the TECTUS hinge system, the contactless and silent magnetic closure and coordinated, attractively shaped handle variants – enables the realisation of contemporary interior design concepts.


The hinge system
The TEG 310 2D and TEG 415 2D  hinge systems give glass doors an unprecedented transparency and lightness. And its delicate appearance does not rule out a high load capacity. Its unique material components and clamping technique mean that the TEG 310 2D and TEG 415 2D hinge systems can support up to 100 kg per pair and guarantee a perfect door fit that's made to last.


The magnetic closure
The KCM 50 closing magnet paired with the KCM 50/G magnetic plate on the door itself make sure the door closes silently and without contact in a process that can be individually tailored to produce the desired closing behaviour.


The handles
The handle variants are matched in shape and colour to the hinge systems and are ergonomically designed for comfortable handling. There is also the option of an integrated locking mechanism, whose operation is completely intuitive.




Model versions

  • up to 60 kg – TEG 310 2D 60
  • up to 80 kg – TEG 310 2D 80
  • up to 100 kg - TEG 415 2D



  • Satin Stainless Steel
  • Traffic White (similar to RAL 9016)
  • Matte Deep Black (similar to RAL 9005)
  • Matte Pure Grey (NCS S 8000-N)
  • Satin Chrome Look (F1)
  • other finishes available upon request

TECTUS® Glass hinge system - detailed technical precision

Reduced hinge dimensions create maximum transparency in glass doors. It’s not only the exceptionally elegant dimensions of the TECTUS Glass hinge system that make it so impressive, it’s the fact that they also offer a secure load capacity of up to 100 kg, which is opening up new solutions for glass doors – particularly when it comes to heavy-duty construction.

The hinge system - TECTUS Glass


Who says elegance and high load capacity have to be mutually exclusive? The TECTUS Glass hinge system is capable of supporting up to 100 kg. This corresponds to a glass door with dimensions of approx.
12 x 1000 x 2700 mm using tempered safety glass (ESG) measuring 8 or 10 mm thick.

The integrated U-profile picks up the door leaf and ensures the perfect fit of the glass pane. The adjustment of the correct door position is easy and flexible due to the floating clamping. By tightening the clamping screws, the secure attachment takes place.

The hinge body

The cast stainless steel receiver supports the door leaf and ensures the glass pane sits perfectly and securely in place. The solid hinge kinematics ensure reliable and durable functionality. This has been tested in performance tests by IFT Rosenheim, Germany. The correct door position is easily and flexibly set thanks to the floating clamping mechanism. It is then fastened securely in place by tightening the clamping screws. In addition to this, the lateral adjustment in the hinge is easy to regulate to ensure uniform clearance to the frame.


Product features 

  •     load capacity of up to 100 kg
  •     stable hinge kinematics
  •     hinge body made of die cast stainless steel
  •     tested suitability for heavy-duty use
  •     quick and easy installation with no  glass machining
  •     performance tested by IFT, Rosenheim

KEEP CLOSED - the magnetic latching system

KEEP CLOSED, the innovative, zero-current magnetic closure from SIMONSWERK, offers an intelligent alternative to a conventional latching mechanism. Comprising a closing magnet, magnetic plate, and coordinating handle, this impressive hardware system with its minimalist design also offers exceptional ease of use.

(1) Closing magnet KCM 50

The closing magnet KCM 50 in the frame is contactless and noiseless. The permanent and reliable closure can be adjusted individually.

(2) Magnetic plate KCM 50/G

The magnetic plate KCM 50/G is stuck permanently on the main closing edge of the glass door and is thus barely visible.
(3) Handle KCH 1700 and KCH 1200

The handle KCH 1700 adapts ideally to the appearance of the flush glass door. The fixation is simple, stable and durable with the help of a positioning template and the adhesive strip already applied to the handle.


TECTUS Glass - the advantages at a glance

In addition to the all-new, flush glass door design and the silent latching mechanism, another huge advantage of TECTUS Glass is that no glass manipulation is required.

Product features

  •     for the very first time, the glass door, frame, hinge and latching system all sit flush in a single plane
  •     load capacity of up to 100 kg
  •     stable hinge kinematics for reliable and durable function
  •     contactless and silent closing process (lockable options available)
  •     suitable for 8 –12 mm ESG-glass
  •     continuous side and height adjustment
  •     easy installation
  •     for timber, steel and aluminium frames
  •     Finishes: Satin Stainless Steel, Traffic White (similar to RAL 9016), Matte Deep Black (similar to RAL 9005), Matte Pure Grey (NCS S 8000-N), Satin Chrome Look (F1)

Installation video



Assembly video for installation of the TECTUS Glass hinge system


Magnetic latching system KCM 50


Assembly video for installation of the magnetic latching system KCM 50, KCM 50/G


Handle KCH 1700


Assembly video for installation of the handle KCH 1700



Product brochure TECTUS Glass


You can download the current TECTUS Glass product brochure from our media centre.





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