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As a hinge system for glass doors, VARIANT VG literally brings light into modern interior and room designs, while also meeting the requirements for design, quality and safety.


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The area of application comprises doors with glass thicknesses of 8 and 10 mm, as well as rebated and unrebated frame designs made of timber, steel or aluminium. With a load capacity of up to 80 kg, maintenance-free slide bearings and two-dimensional or three-dimensional adjustment options, VARIANT VG also provides convenient solutions for retrofitting.



The VARIANT VG brand hinge systems specially for glass doors on rebated timber, steel and aluminium frames are suitable for block, casing and steel frames. This makes them ideal for conversion and retrofitting.

  • for load capacities up to 80 kg 
  • for glass thicknesses of 8 mm - 10 mm
  • for glass doors with vertical standard hole patterns 
  • optionally available with a square-edged design 
Product overview

The VXG 7780 series hinge systems have been specially developed for glass doors on unrebated timber, steel or aluminium frames. For load capacities up to 80 kg, they ideally align glass doors with a vertical standard hole pattern.

  • for glass thicknesses of 8 mm - 10 mm
  • for 3D-adjustable VARIANT VX brand receivers 
  • with internal torsion-proof pin 
  • concealed, maintenance-free axial-radial slide bearing 
Product overview

The retrofit hinges for the VARIANT VG brand are three special retrofit sets for glass doors, on rebated steel, casing and block frames respectively.

  • for VARIANT V receivers 
  • thanks to a three-part structure, even distribution of force on the hinge axis. 
  • for load capacities up to 40 kg 
  • DIN right and left applicable 
Product overview

For rebated timber, steel and aluminium frames up to 80 kg - including in square-edged design.


For glass doors on unrebated timber, steel and aluminium frames up to 80 kg.


For glass doors as a conversion kit on casing, block and steel frames up to 40 kg.

Areas of application

Openness and privacy

Glass doors provide more daylight, even in innerlyng rooms. In private areas, frosted glass provides the ideal opportunity to combine light-filled residential spaces and privacy. Glass doors are popular in commercial buildings,too - especially in office buildings, museums and restaurants because they generate openness and transparency. The VARIANT VG hinge system meets the most stringent demands for design, quality and safety in any area of application.


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