The universal system

The VARIANT VX hinge system can be used universally. High load capacities up to 400 kg characterise this hinge system just as much as the three-dimensional adjustability and the maintenance-free slide bearings. It is ideally suited for use on fire safety doors and smoke protection doors and for safe use on emergency and escape doors. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated unit of hinge, receivers and cover, it creates a harmonious look for every door.

  • Perfected hinge technology

    The heavy duty hinge shows the precision of the brand. It impresses with sophisticated knuckle hinges, which can bear loads of up to 400 kg and emphasise the architectural trend of reduction to the essentials.

  • Solutions for every need

    • for rebated and unrebated heavy-duty doors
    • for timber, steel and aluminium frames
  • Well thought-through system

    • for 3D-adjustable VARIANT VX receivers
    • concealed, maintenance-free axial-radial slide bearing
  • Fascinating surfaces

    • top-quality finish
    • wide variety of finishes for every room concept


The VARIANT VX brand models for rebated doors and the VX 7939 series hinge system give rooms a special accent. What’s more, demands such as a particularly high impermeability and increased soundproofing can be met – even with extremely heavy-duty commercial doors up to 400 kg.

  • for load capacities up to 400 kg 
  • for timber, steel and aluminium frames 
  • also with continuous acoustic seal 
  • for 3D-adjustable VARIANT VX receivers 
Product overview

The VARIANT VX brand hinges for flush-rebated doors are ideal for  connections in new buildings and buildings with high throughput rates. The entire building management is much easier thanks to the flush fit between the door leaf and frame.

  • for load capacities up to 160 kg 
  • for timber, steel and aluminium frames 
  • with internal torsion-proof pin 
  • for 3D-adjustable VARIANT VX receivers 
Product overview

The VARIANT VX models for unrebated doors allows an extremely wide variety of uses. Whether on a particularly heavy-duty door or timber/aluminium doors that open outwards, or whether an especially elegant knuckle is required, all models are reliable thanks to CE certification with easy opening and closing thanks to maintenance-free axial-radial slide bearings.

  • for load capacities up to 400 kg
  • for different door thicknesses of 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm and 70 mm
  • design with security pin (MSTS) available
Product overview

All receivers in the VARIANT VX hinge systems are 3D adjustable for blind, block, casing, steel and aluminium frames. There are three series adapted to different load capacities.

  • three series: VX 2502, VX 7502, VX 7532 
  • for rebated and unrebated heavy-door and functional doors 
  • for load capacities up to 400 kg 
  • optionally adjustable with a permanently fixed door 
Product overview

The covers are specially adapted to the relevant receiver range of the VX hinge system. This results in an optimum interplay of hinge, receiver and cover.

  • for blind, block and casing frames 
  • depending on the receiver series, available as cover angle or cover plate 
Product overview

For rebated heavy-duty doors up to 400 kg.

flush rebated

For flush rebated heavy-duty doors up to 120 kg.


For unrebated heavy-duty doors up to 400 kg.


3D adjustable receivers for wood, steel and aluminium frames.


Cover angle/plate for VARIANT VX receivers.

The system

Convincing components

The optimal interplay between hinge, receiver and cover allows for a diverse range of applications for the VARIANT VX knuckle hinge and grants maximum design freedom. All of the hinge system receivers  for blind frame, block, casing, steel and aluminium frames are continuously 3D-adjustable. With a selection of different knuckle lengths and its range of finishes, the versatile hinge system gives every designer new perspectives.

Areas of application

Door leaves in a perfect setting

VARIANT VX offers models for rebated, flush rebated and unrebated doors. This enables individual designs for various functions. Thanks to the flush overlap, rebated doors offer particular impermeability that can also be combined with increased soundproofing. Flush rebated and unrebated doors fit subtly into suites of rooms thanks to the flush appearance. They are therefore popular in new buildings and buildings with high throughput rates.

For more demanding structural requirements, the VARIANT VX heavy-duty range offers knuckle hinges for loads of up to 400 kg on timber, steel and aluminium frames. With a welded hinge knuckle, the hinge system is suitable for rebated and unrebated, heavy-duty commercial doors and, optionally, for fire, smoke and sound-proof doors.

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Special Solutions

Additional product solutions

Hinge system for special frame dimensions in care and healthcare buildings.

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Knuckle hinges for doors with a finger protection function and load capacities up to 120 kg

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Featuring an elegant knuckle for slim frame facings and shadow gap constructions

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Hinge system specially designed for timber and aluminium entrance doors with load capacity up to 160 kg

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