For existing buildings

In commercial buildings, there are often differentiated and special  requirements for hinges. For many years, the tried and tested VARIANT VN has offered a wide variety of harmonised hinge solutions for practically unlimited options.


Tried and tested in commercial properties

VARIANT VN can be used on heavy rebated and unrebated heavy-duty doors in blind frames, casing frames and steel frames. High-quality materials, maintenance-free slide bearings and load capacities of up to 200 kg - and possible use on fire and smoke protection doors - characterise the hinge system.



The VARIANT VN hinge system for block frames offers many ways of being able to achieve strong visual appearances in the field of renovation and construction in existing buildings. Even with very narrow block frames, room closures that are flush to the wall can be retrofitted.

  • for rebated, flush-rebated and unrebated doors 
  • optional acoustic seal 
  • for timber, steel and aluminium frames 
  • for load capacities up to 200 kg 
  • convenient 3D adjustment 
  • concealed, maintenance-free axial-radial slide bearing 
Product overview

A great deal of flexibility is required in the field of renovation in particular. Here, the VARIANT VN hinge system for casing frames offers many options for meeting stringent demands. Even additional fire and smoke protection can be integrated with them.

  • for rebated heavy-duty doors 
  • as a retrofit hinge on steel frames 
  • for the VARIANT V, VARIANT VS receivers and blind rivet nut M10 
  • for load capacities up to 160 kg 
  • optional acoustic seal 
Product overview

Nearly all of the VN brand models can be used on steel frames. In this way, it is possible to retrofit highly individually and versatilely with the hinge system. Even listed buildings can meet the stringent demands with respect to modern technology in this way.

  • for rebated and unrebated heavy-duty doors 
  • for load capacities up to 160 kg 
  • optional acoustic seal 
  • also suitable for fire and smoke protection doors 
  • optionally with a finger protection function 
  • convenient 3D adjustment 
Product overview

The receivers are perfectly matched to the VARIANT VN brand hinges and can be used even on especially narrow blind frames.

  • for rebated and unrebated doors 
  • for blind, timber, block and casing frames 
  • available as receivers in the VARIANT VN and VARIANT VS designs 
Product overview

The key characteristic of the MULTI hinges from the VARIANT VN brand for heavy-duty unrebated, rebated and flush-rebated doors is their great pull-out strength.

  • for PVCu, aluminium, steel and timber doors and concrete frames 
  • for load capacities up to 100 kg 
  • features angular screw joint for great pull-out strength 
  • optional frame fastening for threaded hole or heavy-duty dowel 
  • 2D and 3D adjustable 
  • in matt, galvanised and traffic white stainless steel 
Product overview
on block frames

For rebated, flush rebated and unrebated heavy-duty doors on block frames up to 200 kg.

on casing frames

For rebated heavy-duty doors on casing frames up to 160 kg.

on steel frames

For rebated and unrebated heavy-duty doors on steel frames up to 160 kg.


Special receivers for VARIANT VN brand hinges.

MULTI hinges

2D and 3D adjustable screw-on hinges up to 100 kg for rebated, flush-rebated and unrebated doors.

Areas of application

Renovating existing buildings

VARIANT VN offers a wide range of harmonised hinge solutions so that doors in existing buildings can be easily and efficiently adapted to current design and safety standards. From a receiver to be retrofitted to the existing steel frame right up to three-dimensional, adjustable retrofit hinges ideally matched to it.

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Special Solutions


VARIANT Compact is most suitable for modern door renovations. With the 3D receiver placed in the door leaf, existing steel frames can be fitted with a very narrow frame construction and can continue to be used. By moving the hinge into the door leaf, the renovation is cost-effective and time-saving, enabling sensitive use of existing components.

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Special Solutions


The elegant knuckle, pared down to 15 mm, is particularly suitable for use on high-quality doors with slim, recessed frame facings and shadow gap constructions.

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