Visible elegance with reduced, elegant knuckle

Linear and elegant yet sturdy and durable. Especially in non-residential applications, not only do highly demanding functional and technical requirements need to be satisfied, but aesthetic ones too. Trimming down to the essentials and a straightforward construction give rooms a harmonious and elegant effect while at the same time making them both distinctive and multi-functional. Hinge systems with elements finely attuned to one another are what make room concepts of this kind stand out and give them a thoroughly elegant appearance.

This hinge system features reduced, elegant knuckle and excels with its linear shapes and a reduced yet sturdy construction, integrating seamlessly into sophisticated architecture.

  • elegant knuckle reduced in diameter 
  • for slim, recessed frame facings 
  • for load capacities up to 160 kg 
  • CE-certified 
  • suitable for fire and smoke protection 
Product overview
Areas of application

Minimalist and reduced

The elegant knuckle, pared down to a mere 15 mm, is particularly suitable for use on high-quality doors with slim, recessed frame facings and shadow gap constructions. Thanks to this, VARIANT Planum can be a part of very demanding architectural concepts with a reduced yet simultaneously impressively sturdy construction.


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