Renovation and
construction within existing buildings  

Nowadays, renovations are preferred to new builds, as more and more buildings are being renovated and converted – and for good reason. Renovating existing buildings addresses the urgent issues of climate protection, sustainability and resource conservation. Repair work, modernisation, conversion, expansion and reconstruction are therefore all part of a sustainable trend. In this context, modern hinge technology is essential for using heavy-duty doors retroactively on existing steel frames, as it allows a conscientious, sustainable approach to be taken towards existing construction components down to the smallest details. 


Model versions for retrofitting

Behind VARIANT Retrofit hide hinges for retroactively mounting a new door leaf onto old, pre-existing steel frames

  • easy to mount
  • new hinge receivers can be used in existing steel frame by pressing in a blind rivet nut with the appropriate blind rivet frame
  • current hinge technology allows retrofit hinges to be used on new doors while still using the old steel frames
  • for heavy loads up to 160 kg
Product overview

Pre-existing steel frames can be used by offsetting the hinge receiver into the door leaf and are cost-effective and easy to mount

  • max. knuckle diameter 22.5 mm  
  • load capacities up to 200 kg  
  • suitable for functional doors for smoke and fire protection  
  • incl. receiver element cover in door leaf  
Product overview

‘Berliner hinges’ are a great choice for renovating old buildings, particularly those with historic preservation requirements, and are also available with a powder-coated finish

  • screw-on hinge 
  • model H 
Product overview
VARIANT Retrofit

For retroactively mounting a new door leaf on old, pre-existing steel frames


Adjustable hinge solution for renovation in existing buildings

Berliner hinges

For renovating old buildings with historic preservation requirements

Meet current

Standards, regulations and requirements for fire protection and soundproofing change constantly, so it’s important to always keep an ear to the ground when it comes to hinge technology. Special safety precautions for finger protection, particularly in buildings intended for children, disabled people and people with dementia and public buildings, should also be taken into account. Various models from the VARIANT series help to overcome these special challenges.

German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe

German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe


Door renovations in existing buildings

The intention behind the open structure of the building constructed from 1965 to 1969 according to the designs of Berlin architect Paul Baumgarten was to convey the idea of democratic transparency. When it came to installing the VARIANT Compact hinge system, the existing frame construction was preserved. With the receiver integrated in the door leaf and the system being fastened to the frame side, this is an optimal solution.


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