Hinge system for nurseries and kindergarten

Risk of injury in day-to-day life is much more of a concern with children around. That’s why accident insurance includes accident prevention regulations specific to playschools and daycare centres. So risks must be dealt with in line with planning laws and safety requirements and, therefore, finger protection should be included in the plans for buildings for children.

About VARIANT Finger protection

Protecting fingers

According to German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), risks must be addressed with special safety measures and shearing points on secondary closing edges must be avoided. On this basis, different innovative finger protection variants for new builds and retrofits were developed for the VARIANT hinge system in close cooperation with architects and designers. Moreover, the company began specialising in steel, aluminium and wooden block frames, paving the path for the development of the perfect safety system to suit all frame situations.


Finger protection solutions for new builds and retrofitting

The VARIANT V 1999 finger protection hinge system is the perfect solution for retrofitting finger protection functions onto secondary closing edges on doors. It also allows for partial retrofitting in new builds and existing buildings depending on requirements

  • for rebated and unrebated doors 
  • for timber, steel and aluminium frames 
  • for load capacities up to 60 kg 
  • quick and easy assembly 
  • maintenance-free slide bearings 
  • opening angle max. 135° (rebated)/max. 90° (unrebated) 
Product overview

For rebated and unrebated doors with a finger protection function on wooden block frames and steel frames in new builds

  • for 3D-adjustable VARIANT VX receivers 
  • for load capacities up to 120 kg 
  • for blind, block and casing frames 
  • DIN right and left applicable 
  • concealed, maintenance free axial-radial slide bearing with large bearing surfaces 
  • opening angle max. 100° (rebated)/max. 90° (unrebated) 
Product overview

The VARIANT Finger Protection VN 7100 hinge system for steel and aluminium frames has a consistent look thanks to a semi-circular frame facing. Together with the VN 7507 3D receiver, the finger protection provides a suitable safety package

  • for unrebated doors 
  • for load capacities up to 120 kg 
  • for steel frames with rounded facings 
  • maintenance-free running on steel balls 
  • unrestricted opening angle up to 180° 
Product overview

For retrofitting finger protection functions on the hinge side of unrebated and rebated doors


For doors with a finger protection function on wooden and steel frames in new builds


For steel frames with a finger protection function on the hinge side of unrebated doors

For creativity and personality


Regiswind Kindergarten in Gerolzhofen

The new build designed by Brückner & Brückner Architekten from Würzburg “St. Regiswind” in Gerolzhofen is outstanding in terms of its welcoming atmosphere and simplicity. A perfect place for children to play and grow in a peaceful and secure environment. The VARIANT Finger Protection hinge system is seamlessly integrated in the impressive wood architecture and makes the secondary closing edges of the doors as safe as possible for the children.

Outstanding in aesthetics and safety


dSPACE Kindergarten in Paderborn

With a clear structure and discreet design concept, aws architects have taken on the new construction of the dSPACE Dötze Kindergarten in Paderborn. The consistent lines are not only evident in the recessed and backlit handrail, which has been integrated at two heights for children and adults, but also in the door elements, whose combination of wood and glass reflects the natural materiality and openness of the design approach.


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