Buildings for healthcare

The requirements for buildings for healthcare have grown enormously over the past few years in terms of function, technology and design. This is because the consideration of individual well-being is becoming an increasingly significant factor in the patient’s recovery process, which in turn greatly influences architectural decisions. So, it’s important to carefully coordinate lighting, colour schemes and materials.

With the special VARIANT Care hinge system, planned frame rebate dimensions are turned into real clearance dimensions, as the door can be completely opened at a 90° angle.

  • for unrebated heavy-duty doors 
  • for timber, steel and aluminium frames 
  • for load capacities up to 100 kg 
  • for 3D-adjustable VARIANT VX receivers 
  • for door thicknesses of 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm and 70 mm 
  • maintenance axial-radial slide bearings 
Product overview

To make custom-made hinge systems for special clearance dimensions, the door symmetry and geometry must be examined precisely. We recommend having a detailed design and getting an early start on coordinating your plans to ensure that the chosen hinge works flawlessly. This will optimise the logistics and maximise efficiency. SIMONSWERK develops solutions specifically suited to special requirements.

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Großhadern Clinic


Healthcare buildings with new standards

The Großhadern Clinic located in the eponymous district of Munich is part of the University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. With its 1210 beds and associated institutes, the clinic is Munich’s largest interconnected hospital complex. SIMONSWERK’s hinges were used in the conversion and new construction of the Hauner Children’s Hospital located at the Großhadern campus.


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