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Precise, authentic and tailored to individual requirements - SIMONSWERK’s extensive product range contains the right solution for every area of application. With high-quality hinge systems for heavy-duty doors, residential door and entrance doors and for all materials, architectural concepts can be realised right down to the smallest detail.

SIMONSWERK heavy-duty hinges satisfy governmental and local regulations and the stringent technical requirements in smoke and fire protection, burglary prevention and soundproofing. As such, they can be used reliably in emergency and escape exits. They also meet demanding structural requirements in terms of load capacity – up to 400 kg in the case of exceptional movement properties.

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In residential buildings, it’s important to find and highlight a unique style. Thanks to SIMONSWERK hinges, this is possible with timber and glass doors. Doorways can be contrasting, homogeneous, eye-catching or understated, whereby we give each one a suitable accent. Whether a classic knuckle hinge or concealed hinge solution: hinges from SIMONSWERK expertly and aesthetically support personal living concepts.

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There are many different demands on hinges for entrance doors made of timber, aluminium or PVCu. In particular, they have to withstand extreme loads and be adaptable to different profile geometries - not a problem for entrance door hinges from SIMONSWERK.

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