KC 25 Lock

closing magnet for a contactless and silent closing process of glass doors

Product features

  • for latching system KC Lock

  • continuous adjustable retention force up to 2,5 kg

  • for use in timber, steel and aluminium frames

Technical details

Attributes Value
Overall length 195,0 mm
Overall width 13,0 mm
Cutter diameter 12,0 mm


Available from September 2019.

Further model information



Descriptive text

SIMONSWERK closing magnet KC 25 Lock for flush glass doors and 8 - 10 mm ESG-glass with timber, steel and aluminium frames with magnetic plate KC 25/G Lock. Can be combined with TEG 310 2D 60 and TEG 310 2D 80 on the hinge side and handle KC 170/1 Lock on the lock side. Finish...

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