The controlled-closing hinge system with integrated sound reduction

SIMONSWERK is setting new standards, having developed a hinge system that enables doors to quietly and independently close in a controlled manner. On the one hand, while the door closes, the sound made is dampened and the door is guided by a mechanical closure in the lock; on the other hand, while not being closed, the door remains in its open position as usual.

We were inspired by cupboards, drawers and equipment in living and kitchen areas, which can now close smoothly without making any noise. Furthermore, doors are increasing being seen as home furnishings and are integrated into architectural concepts as design elements. Thanks to the VARIANT SC hinge system, interior doors can now be equipped with a convenient, integrated closing function and sound reduction.

Easy to use – complex technology

With a small push – with your hand or elbow for example – the door begins to close in a controlled manner and clicks shut very quietly. If you do not have a hand free to close the door or slamming the door is the only alternative, SIMONSWERK offers the controlled-closing VARIANT SC hinge system – an intelligent solution for day-to-day life. With a small initial movement, the door closes very quietly from a 45° opening and is guided to the lock mechanism in a controlled manner from an opening angle of 15°. Beyond this opening angle (45°–180°), the door moves freely – as any standard door.



Innovative technical detail with a big impact

Application areas include the housing sector, offices and practice rooms. Wherever interior doors with a maximum weight of 50 kg are used, VARIANT SC can provide more convenience, safety and quiet in day-to-day life. Wherever people are moving and exceptional, controlled closing convenience is required, it is not only possible to use the hinge system but also advisable.

Product overview - VARIANT SC

SC 4437/150

  • Rebate: rebated
  • Load capacity: 50,0 kg

VARIANT SC – the controlled-closing hinge system


The intelligent combination of closing and sound-dampening functions all in two hinges


  • Sophisticated, patented mechanism
  • Door opening from 0°–45°: controlled, sound-dampened closing
  • Door opening from 45°–180°: Free movement
  • The closing speed of the door can be adjusted via the upper hinge (+/-)
  • PLUS = higher closing speed
  • MINUS = lower closing Speed





VARIANT SC product video

Demonstration of how VARIANT SC works – take a look!



Everything about VARIANT SC 

You can download the current product brochure VARIANT SC from our media centre.

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