Thanks to the countless options available, the design of interiors is almost free of trends or dogmas for architects, interior decorators and designers. Minimalist or baroque, classical or floral, monochrome or neon – everything is possible. What counts is the sense of comfort and the overall experience.

Whereas the dividing lines between design and functional requirements are fluid, a balanced relationship between form and function is always desirable, and is often definitive for the quality of a room. In addition to overall aesthetics, comfort also plays a particularly important role in living rooms. With the living room as a private withdrawal area serving as a refuge from the frequent stress of everyday life, the essentials for a family are tranquillity, personalised design and peace of mind.

Cupboards, drawers and equipment in living and kitchen areas can now close smoothly without making any noise – all it takes is a gentle initial movement, and they close by themselves steadily and with hardly any noise. Furthermore, doors are increasingly being seen as home furnishings and are integrated into architectural concepts as design Elements.

The controlled-closing hinge system with integrated sound reduction


Thanks to the VARIANT SC hinge system, interior doors can now be equipped with a convenient, integrated closing function and sound reduction. Application areas include the housing sector, offices and practice rooms. Wherever interior doors with a maximum weight of 50 kg are used, the controlled-closing hinge system can provide more convenience, safety and quiet in day-to-day life.


With a small initial movement, the door closes very quietly from a 45° opening and is guided to the lock mechanism in a controlled manner from an opening angle of 15°. Beyond this opening angle (45°–180°), the door moves freely – as any standard door.

The controlled-closing hinge system with integrated sound reduction for interior doors


Applying less closing force ensures greater convenience in everyday usage, the sound-dampened closing function ensures greater peace of mind, and the overall functionality of the intelligent hinge system makes for improved tranquillity and aesthetics of the door design project. Hinge technology in a high-tech design – integrated and with tangible benefits, maintenance-free, low-noise and boasting a long service life.



VARIANT SC hinge system


The intelligent combination of closing and sound-dampening functions all in two hinges


  • elegant, patented mechanism
  • The closing speed of the door can be adjusted using the top hinge (+/-)
    PLUS = higher closing speed
    MINUS = lower closing speed  
  • Door opening from 0°–45°: controlled, sound-dampened closing
  • Door opening from 45°–180°: Free movement



The controlled-closing hinge system with integrated sound reduction.

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