Solutions for special requirements


The architecture lives from standardised components and from individually developed solutions. What used to be innovative in the Bauhaus era, such as the design of strictly grid-like systems and to ultimately build modular structures is familiar to all architects and designers today. But even in those days there were extravagances, certain things which rain against the grain, distinctive site-development features or the emphasis of special room zones which required bespoke solutions

Construction plans today are oriented to an economical planning, functional conceptual layout, and extraordinary design. SIMONSWERK has been following this development since day one, which is clear to see from the breadth of its range. The diverse range of special solutions, as well as hinge systems for particularly stringent requirements or very specific needs are what makes the company's expertise stand out. Below you will find an overview of our most prominent specialised Solutions:

Finger protection

In part, regulations for constructing child day-care centres differ significantly from other regulations – such as for residential or industrial construction – or to be more precise, they go beyond other regulations in some cases.

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Heavy duty

The load capacity required by large doorways in museums, concert halls or other public buildings is always increasing.

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Building renovations

The amount of renovations expected for doors gives an up-to-date indication of how old the doors are: 21 per cent of all interior doors are older than 60 years and another 40 per cent are between 40 and 60 years old.

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Energy transfer

Concealed, permanent energy transfer from the frame to the door leaf – without losing the design aspect of the flush interior design – is becoming more and more important.

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Healthcare facilities

Modern hospitals today house so much more than just beds and medical equipment. The times of dreary corridors and bleak rooms with numerous beds have gone.

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