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The living area is one of the most private spaces a person can occupy. Personalised design options shape our identity, which in turn has a considerable impact on our sense of well-being.

High-contrast, uniform, eye-catching or low-key – SIMONSWERK door hinges and hinge systems can support any personal furnishing style and help compose appropriate passageways within your own home – whether your choice is based on the wide range of designs for a classic variable knuckle hinge solution or on the fully concealed hinge version for surface flush room structures: SIMONSWERK door hinges can meet all the requirements for an aesthetic living area design.

Knuckle hinges for interior doors


The variable hinge system for interior doors.

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The hinge system for glass doors.

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Concealed hinge systems for interior doors


The completely concealed hinge system.

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Solutions for special requirements

Finger Protection

VARIANT Finger Protection – The hinge system for doors with finger protection.

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Interior door - Simonswerk GmbH

Designer hinges

Designer hinges from SIMONSWERK are as individual as your personal taste. As an eye-catching detail both in new buildings and in renovation operations, the hinges have become established as a creative and individual design element.


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Interior door - Simonswerk GmbH

Refitting = adjusting/stabilising hinge systems on existing doors

Regardless of whether old doors drag over recently installed flooring, whether door leaves become jammed in the frames, the fault-free running of the hinges is no longer guaranteed or the clearance needs to be decreased: With the refitting range, SIMONSWERK offers simple and practical solutions for cases where the fit of an interior door has to be corrected at a later date. The range offers another opportunity to stabilise the frame connection of the door and hinge in glass doors through corresponding fastening sets.


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for hinge systems from SIMONSWERK

The PRODUCTSELECTOR allows the right hinge for the right application to be chosen.


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