It’s not just our products that are award-worthy...

We are delighted that judges have recognised our products with design awards and have attested to our company’s excellence when it comes to training, tolerance and employee friendliness. You can find an overview of our awards here.

Innovation Prize 2016

The Innovation Prize is awarded annually at the Holz exhibition for the wood industry. Awards are presented for projects which offer innovation in the areas of wood-related technology, processes or products, and which are being shown at the exhibition for the first time.


         VARIANT SC

         2016 – Innovation Prize (silver)



German Design Award

The German Design Award recognises innovative products and projects, as well as their manufacturers and designers, that have made a groundbreaking impression on the German and international design scene. The German Design Award discovers and presents unique design trends.

       Award category: Excellent Product Design
       2016 – VARIANT SC 4437/150   
       2015 – TECTUS Energy, Special Mention
       2015 – TECTUS TE 541 3D FVZ

iF Design Award

iF International Forum Design GmbH has been recognising designers with the “iF DESIGN AWARD” since 1954. The entries must fall under one of the five disciplines of Product, Communication, Packaging, Interior Architecture and Professional Concept.

        Award category: Product Design
        2016 – VARIANT SC 4437/150
        2003 – TECTUS TE 510 HU

        Award category: Communication Design
        2012 – Compendium 2012
        2008 – Manual 2008

Eiserner Gustav

Members of EBH Euro Baubeschlag Handel AG recognise their best suppliers as exemplary trade partners with the “Eiserner Gustav” award. The prize, a small “Eiserner Gustav”, is awarded in each of ten clearly defined categories such as Innovative Product Strategy, Forward-Thinking Ethos and Concept Exclusivity.


        2016 – Award category: Innovative Product Strategy/
        Forward-Thinking Ethos/Concept Exclusivity
        2014 – Award category: Supplier of the Year
        2012 – Award category: Supplier of the Year       

Architecture and Construction Innovation Prize

The architecture trade journals AIT and xia – Intelligente Architektur hold the contest for the “Architecture and Construction Innovation Prize” at the BAU exhibition in Munich, Germany. The goal is to provide production companies with a presentation platform for exceptional products and to capture the diversity of creative and innovative possibilities.

        Award category: Architecture + Construction
        2013 – TECTUS Energy




As a specialist association for companies working in events management, FAMAB presents the ADAM and EVA awards for outstanding brand experiences, recognising international benchmarks in encounter communication as well as in temporary and permanent architecture.
Award category: Exhibition Appearance


        2013 – BAU exhibition stand 2013



Iconic Award

The Iconic Award recognises internationally outstanding architecture projects, innovative interior and product design, and compelling communication concepts from all sectors within the architecture, construction and real estate industries as well as the production industry.


        Award category: Architecture
        2013 – BAU exhibition stand 2013



Red Dot Award

ed Dot Award

The Red Dot Design Award, an international design competition, began in 1954 and is presented annually in the categories of Product Design and Communication Design. The Red Dot accolade is an internationally recognised seal of quality.


        Award category: Communication Design
        2008 – Manual 2008

        Award category: Product Design
        2003 – TECTUS TE 510 HU